Thursday, January 15, 2015

To Anyone

The story as described to me by someone who heard it from you
but not from you to me. A very nice play with great moves.
I come home with moves in mind, but I don't move. The cat
overgrooms and I, under. Which smells, again, are sexy?
Come sit in our yard! In winter when the dirt freezes it's
more magical (read: crunchy). Come visit us! The morning
sun is all we get but it's enough reminds me of
the rest, the evening and the afternoon. When we see
you we'll do moves, the moves I've had in mind
you'll tell the story so i get it layered back,
exposed like if you see the movie, read the book and then
you have a crisis but the crisis would have been the thing
that got solved by the book. I'll shower
when you get here, not before, so that you know
I trust you.

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