Wednesday, January 21, 2015


correctly placed in time, space, thought, intention
thinking what's wrong with "layers of history"
there's no meaning there, the chain-link fence on
the old brick fence on the lines laid out by
a street-sign name, what's wrong or
when does it work? Ok so what's another term for
"feminist free school" what's another term for "Allison,
you're on the right path, way to go" what's another term for
"it's 5:30" what's another term for "I'm tired" or "good question!"
Right? So what am I supposed to say? How am I supposed to say
"sure, I feel good!" or "get off the counter" or "this is my five-year plan."
How am I supposed to say "my day is busier than yours but I made it that way"
or "was the ante- or postbellum? When was that?" or "How long was the
French and Indian War" or "should I go to grad school?" or "It's my birthday!"
Which it isn't, yet. What's the best way to be totally self-aware and
totally happy, telling everyone how fine I am in a way that
makes them happy too? I have to go to bed, I always have to
go to bed, what's the best way to tell everyone that? Or
just to say something general and affirming or like
say "I'm great!" and talk about not experiencing jealousy but
also perform heaviness or make concrete plans or read?
These layers, the co-existence of the ghosts in
not a cycle but a cake,
a birthday cake!

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