Wednesday, January 21, 2015


On game day everything is quiet and I can take you,
Brother of Mine, out for food, 
we wait with the old people and the surviving punks 
for corner tables and you are already grossed out 
by what I will order long before
I’ve chosen

I lust for potato pancakes,  you just want a bagel
and bacon, the streets are quiet for us, the rain is like
Seattle on TV, not real deal constant wet but strong large
water that fills that streets and weighs down
the windshield wipers

We've got ideas and dreams and know what will make us feel good, 
in Goodwill I don’t have to plan anything, we let each other go,  
I’m looking for a good winter coat  but will settle 
for any number of jackets, small, old clothes 
from Asian countries fit me best

And you want a Mariners hat now that the Seahawks
have won

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