Tuesday, January 13, 2015

a list of two

It's unclear how this will play out
Your synopsis winds me-
not spoken to but cc'd, as an aside
in case she may know someone who may need...

and yet clearer than what you've said before:
couldn't work.
...unclear how
this will play out.

I keep saying to myself:
my father

my father, my father
neutrality now weighted.

My father, this ache.
To suspect how I feel is permanent
even if you climb out of this-
the break in my voice will still cling to the words.

I am floored by your email, because the evening had felt so pedestrian
Sunk in to my work on the concrete floor.
Present in the drama of my own chosen world.

there has never been something so hard to keep in mind- I've reminded myself
so painful we cope with them by putting it aside:
a list of two
the climate
my father.
my father

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