Monday, January 19, 2015

The audacity to have desire unrequited

I challenge myself to look in the mirror while I'm fucking myself in the bathroom during the meeting
This, too, is called loving the world.
I challenge myself to fuck myself in the bathroom
in the bathroom during the meeting
looking at myself in the mirror, in the bathroom during the meeting.

Long heartlessless, crudely, ruthlessly, in every direction,
When I suspect non-reciprocation, in spite of the fact.
desire with your whole heart from a fleeting idea, a conversation.
the service to choose to want it the way you think it oughta want to.
saving both rage and strategy for politics
the bravery to want the world daily with all the pounds of your body.
The bravery in the face of loneless
to decide the world knows it wants me to want.

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