Wednesday, January 14, 2015


It's wonderful to see you all again
did I mention? To everyone who is someone I
see again, it's wonderful. Which is to say
it's been quite a day. The things that didn't
work were many and the radio, heard with
one ear only was not perfect, was not quite
telling me the right and righteous "things" but
that's ok because I, too, did not always share
the best or brightest information today, at my
work the place where I sit and sometimes, sometimes
place my palms on chair arms tense my arms and
lift! My body just a bit so that the whole thing cracks
which i don't know, i just now thought, i don't know
if it's audible if it is then, oh god, that's gross I
work in a closet so, the acoustics are, well, who
knows we all have headphones on, the radio but then
to see you all again (them all, too) and feel
so right it's like is it even winter? To feel
warm is it not ok, with thousands dead or
even one unsmiling maybe grumpy or unwell
you see i think i
have a fever! So that means I'm allowed
to feel alive, and happy, to feel well if
I am sick is not so blind so thoughtless not so
bad at all! Hello, it's wonderful, you're wonderful but
let me say that better what is "wonder" when it's you,
you all, it's as a bright and buzzy tone, the ring of
smiles (of teeth!) around a table or without that sweet
remembrance something solid and yet changing something
liquid but with cornstarch something glass and ancient is
"wonderful" is so wonderful to see you!


  1. listen this was a very good thing to read at 6 am before going to work

  2. It was also a very good thing to read at ten p.m. after too much work