Saturday, January 17, 2015

Can't Get Past That Bong in the Kitchen

Malificent magnificent jolie belle big screen tv good to be bad
Tail thwacking Great Dane galumphs along aquarium wall, stirred fish, crazed under glass,
Cushions torn from couches trip the boy, the cushion redistributor, manic howling
boy, whacked out with late night energy, dances Night on Bald Mountain vigor
babysitter apologetic, parents loopy, ice cream bowls balanced on the fridge
from the dog, from the fuckinghuge dog, and the neighbor's pinata party still going,
cheers, a loose onion rolling past, the houseguests drawn in, a bong on the kitchen counter,
familiar burning sock smell, two conversations and the opera child in the floodlights,
smartphones consulted, music upon a time fairy tale, gestures flung, it's grape-stomping,
lungs ballooning out the rib slats, grown ups gobbling, pulling more in, more food, smoke,
determined human vortexes, careening close to the pint sized caruso,
pajamas damp splotched from the overture in the bath

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